Washington DC


We spent 1 night and 1 day at Washington DC in the month of June.

Took the bus from New York to DC. It takes 4 hours. The reviews for all these buses were very negative on Yelp but turned out to be a very comfortable and positive experience for me. Some of the bus companies are: PeterPan, GreyHound, Megabus

    • Restaurants to try:
      Bombay club: Crispy Kale Chaat is must try. Bombay club thali (vegetarian) is good for 2 people. Need to order extra bread/naan with that. It has live piano!
Crispy Kale
    • Conveyance:
      • $1 Circulation bus from one site to another.
      • Prefer Lyft over local Taxis
US Capitol Dome
  • The Supreme Court and the Library are next to each other. Visitors can go inside both of them. The Supreme Court also has free 25 minute guest lectures where you actually sit inside the supreme court hall and understand how things work. Time: 30 -45 min.
    Supreme Court



  • The Congress library main hall is not accessible but you can see through the glass walls. Time: 20 min.


  • White house visitor center: This place has many interesting things related to the white house like the food served to the President’s family, a movie on white house, info on families who lived in the house before. Min Time: 30 min.
  • The Washington monument is closed for indoor tours indefinitely because of construction going on.

    Washington Monument
  • If you have more time, visit:
    1. World war 2 memorial
    2. Martin Luther King Memorial
    3. Smithsonian air and space Meuseum
    4. Meuseum of natural history
    5. National Zoo : They have Pandas!
    6. News Meuseum – Fee
    7. Art Gallery – Fee
  •  Tips:
    1. Most of the sites and meuseum in Washington DC are free and within 2 miles in city center area.
    2. The best way to reach airport from City Center area is using Cab service like Lyft ($39-$45). Local Taxis charge by meter and hotels cabs charge a flat fee of $75.
    3. There are segway tours as well. You can also rent bikes as well as geared scooters if walking is not your cup of tea.
    4. There are various sightseeing double-decker hop-on hop-off buses that takes you to all the sites in DC.


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