Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver BC


Yes, you need Canada Visa for making this trip possible!

1. Buy tickets from Viator, that’s what I did when I find out I can get cheaper tickets from there. I got 2 tickets for $128 all inclusive, on Viator.
Go to their official website for all the info on timings and activities offered.

2. They have a big open paid parking available right in front of the park.

3. There are numerous activities to do including Tree top adventures, hanging out with Owls and birds and getting to know them..and you can easily spend around 3 hours with family and friends.




4. The bridge is long and it swings. It could be scary for people with fear of heights. I personally enjoyed it!

5. Best time to visit is before 9 AM, if you are planning to click solo pictures on the bridge. The park opens at 8:30 AM. By 11 AM, it is like 100 people in a long queue crossing the bridge.
Don’t worry,  this bridge has the strength to hold 5 elephants at a time!

6. There is a cafe, and multiple food, ice-cream stalls along with a souvenir center.

7.  We drove to Surrey and had indian food there. There are hundreds of Indian restaurants in Surrey as well as a Punjabi market that looks like any other market in India.

8. Surrey also has some popular Indian sweet shops like Prabhu Sweets. You will find chili pickle(my fav!), fresh namkeen as well as all kinds of freshly prepared sweets. Must visit for those who crave for Indian sweets in the states.

9. Another place I loved is, Samosa House in Surrey. They have different varieties of Samosas, I loved the spicy Samosa there.

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