Get a job by doing it the right way!

New to Seattle/USA? Here are some Pointers on how to start with your job search:

  1. Upload your updated resume on all job portals: Monster, Dice, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Careerbuilder, Stack overflow (I got my first Microsoft vendor job through that, in Azure!!). Keep updating your profile every week(every day if possible). Updating means making a small change and clicking save. It refreshes your profile and your resume comes up in front of recruiters more often.
  2. LinkedIn: Updated LinkedIn profile is really important. Add summary, projects, and add contact details in the summary as well, so that it is more easily visible to the recruiters.
  3. Connect with as many recruiters on LinkedIn, just send them a request. If it says, how are you related, choose ‘friend’ and send.

    Why is this important?

    Recruiters keep on posting about job openings on LinkedIn and more recruiters you have in your connections, more such posts you will come across.

    When you see something of your interest, send them a message and email them. Look for email id in the contact details section of their LinkedIn profile.

  4. Ask you friends, who have been in the industry for a while for advice, suggestions, recruiter details, any possibility of them referring you to their company.
  5. Apply to internships, remote work opportunities too. You can work there till you get your dream job and gain experience as well. Apply!
  6. Network, network a lot!

    Sign in to Meetup and Eventbrite. Join meetups relevant to your domain. For ex. AngularJS developers, Python meetups, Women who code, Women in Tech, Diversity in Tech, Seattle Tech interviews etc.

    These meetups share info on the upcoming hiring events, technical workshops by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Attend those events, share your resume to the recruiters there. Talk to the developers, convey what are you looking for. Be proactive!

    Follow up with the recruiters and hiring managers you met at the event, the same day. Write an email saying ‘It was nice meeting you today at XYZ event’, mention something that you discussed during the meeting and then what position you are looking for, attach your resume.

    It is even better if you can go to the company’s careers site, find relevant job positions Id and share them in the email. They will be able to help you better and quicker in that way. Why?

    You just did half of their job!

  7. Participate in Hackathons. These events have hiring managers, recruiters, too. Besides, you get to practice your skills.
  8. Apply to contracting jobs – Short term projects in a good company as a contractor not only adds to your experience, it also looks good on your resume for future employers reference.
  9. Make a table in excel sheet which includes recruiter names you have been talking to, company name, first follow-up date, second follow-up date and so on. It makes it easier for you to track and follow-up regularly with all of them.

    Remember: If you foster a long-term relationship with the recruiters, he/she will find something for you. They are good people. They are there to help you. Be respectful and you will be amazed by how hard they work to land you your dream job.

    (Trust me! I worked as a recruiter)

Excel sheet

10. Prepare well! You definitely don’t wanna let go of that one interview opportunity you got after working so hard.

11. Once you get an interview invite, do a good research on the team, project, look for team members on LinkedIn, check their profiles. You might get some idea on what technologies they are using, read about it before the interview. Try to bring that up during the interview relating to the discussion.

12. After the interview, send a thank-you email. It is fine after a telephonic interview too.

13. I joined Kal Academy to refresh data structures and algorithms for technical interview preparation. I recommend taking these classes as they are taught by an experienced Microsoft manager. She makes Data structures and algorithms easy to understand and each class is just $35.

14. Learning new technologies by taking a tech bootcamp course also helps. I did a 3 month full stack web development course at Coding Dojo. After the completion of the course, I had projects to add to my resume and talk about, in interviews. This course helped me be more confident.

15. Look for all internship programs at companies like Microsoft LEAP, Linkedin Reach, Treehouse Talentpath. Just apply without a second thought, it might change your life!

16. Here is a resource that I found:

The Complete List of Industry-Specific Job Boards & Search Engines

Hope it helps   Follow it sincerely and It’s definitely going to be helpful.

Hard work pays off!

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