Vegas- Its not just about the ‘Strip’. :p

4 Day Itinerary for Vegas trip

Me and my husband reached Vegas Thursday night and checked-in at the hotel Palazzo, its a subsidiary of Hotel Venetian.

Tip 1: We booked in advance a shuttle service(I t can accommodate around 20 people) from Airport to the Strip, it will drop you at your hotel.Its just $7 per person. BUT, it will drop everyone to their hotels, so it may take a lil more time(1 hour for us.) We got to see whole strip while in the shuttle and got familiar with the strip.

We rested for a while, changed and moved to the casino of Palazzo. It was my first experience with Casinos. We gambled a lil bit and then walked on the strip. We were actually looking for a food place at 2 A.M. Found Denny’s nearby. It is open all night!

Day 1 : Good morning Vegas!

We sauntered on the Strip, entered some hotels, casinos, got tickets for shows from tix4tonight stalls. If you have any show of Cirque du soleil in mind that you want to see for sure, then I would suggest buy it online beforehand. I got ‘O’ online a day before using Passport card offers and it helped coc O tickets were already sold out at the stalls. I got the other burlesque show tickets from tix4tonight at the strip.

O’ by Cirque du soleil

You can get any show tickets there at their stalls/canopy, restaurants buffet packages and even Madame Tussaud’s tickets. It is cheaper than the tickets at Madame Tussaud’s counter.

In the evening, we watched two shows, each one and half hour long.I liked ‘ O’. Its a must watch. Then, we headed to the casino. You will get free drinks at the casino, if you have been sitting at the same machine for a while. The waitresses will come to you. Remember to tip them, if you want her to come back again after a while. ($1 or 2 would be OK).


High Roller Ferris wheel

Day 2 : Fremont Street is one of the good options if you have nothing else planned for the day. Shopped for souvenirs there.Vegas is mostly about night life but you still have numerous activities to do during the day.We went to Fremont and then Madame Tussaud’s.(wax museum will take one and half hour).

Tip 2: For commute to and from Fremont Street , you can get an all day ticket for RTC double Decker bus service. 24 hour pass at $8 per person. There are other options on the passes too.

Fremont Street

Explore Venetian Hotel, try gondola rides, Watch Bellagio musical fountains show(free for public, happens every half an hour ), Volcano show in the evening at Mirage(free for public). Ride High Roller, it is currently world’s tallest ferris wheel!

Day 3 : Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam during the day. See

Red Rock Canyon
Hoover Dam

Then party at the Nightclub – At Omnia or at Venetian.

Day 4 : Pool party at Flamingo. So much fun!

Explored MGM hotel, clicked pics in front of New York hotel(statue of liberty). If you know Brad Garrett, he has a comedy club inside MGM. Its definitely on my list next time I go there.


There are hundreds of other things to do- try one of the terrifying Stratosphere’s rides, relaxing spa and sunbathing at your own hotel pools, The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian/The Palazzo(kinda mall), lunch buffet, small wildlife area in Flamingo hotel. Nights at Vegas is all about Casinos. Go, try your luck for once!

P.S.:Featured image is one of the fabulous wall arts on one of the walls near to the High Roller.



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