Brother for life

Diwali is my favourite time of the year..And its the first time I wont be spending diwali with my family-Mom dad jayesh…..I would badly miss our diwali this year.Its difficult for me to imagine diwali without you.

Jayesh- You are my best friend, my brother, and everything.

I can’t imagine a single diwali without you. Who would take my pretty photos, who would fire crackers with me, and above all who would accompany you in firing rassi bam with paper, who will keep fuljhadi ready for you.. 😀  I feel so good reminiscing about it…I am literally laughing. With whom I’ll exchange signals while getting bored in Pooja. With whom I would be a child!

Our diwali vacations was the time we used to have a lot of fun….And remember about celebrating your birthday on Diwali…?I miss you so much.I have tears in my eyes writing this. This is so strange about human emotions, the way they vary so quickly.

Last line I was laughing, next line I am crying.

Our crazy moments-going to dominos, kidnapping a stray puppy, roaming around in car, bike.

Your biggest gift to me was when you taught me how to ride bike.I can’t tell you how amazing I feel about it.This gift will stay with me forever and keep making me happy, feeling confident and beautiful. You have no idea what you have given to me.


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  1. JayeshT says:

    Love you, sister

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