My Neighbour-Mt.Rainier

No matter where you go, home is a place you love coming back to.

One of the best things about my home is that I get to see magnificent Mount Rainier every morning from my window. ♥

The dove-white mountain leave me amazed with a different view each day, be it glistening with snow on a sunny day or piercing through the clouds and reaching for sky.

I gaze at the dove-white mountain with a sense of awe. It is mysterious and cucoon quiet.

Is it really quiet? I wonder.Its mystical nature enthralls me.

“There are plenty of higher mountains, but it is the decided isolation—the absolute standing alone in full majesty of its own mightiness—that forms the attraction of Rainier,” adventure writer Paul Fountain remarked in 1905. I couldn’t agree less.

Though these words aren’t enough to describe its presence in my life, it seems as if he says to me, “Wake up and begin a new day with new hopes and determination and move nearer to the goals, as you see me aiming for the sky “

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